Pregnancy Week 23

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

How Far Along: 23 weeks, 3 days.  6 Months.

Size of Baby: A Grapefruit

Total Weight Gain/Loss: 5 pounds. I do not know how this is even possible...

Maternity Clothes: I did a little shopping this past weekend for maternity clothes and found some "steals" at Target and Old Navy. $50!!

Liz Lange® for Target® Maternity Long-Sleeve Nursing-Friendly Knit Top - Assorted Colors Liz Lange® for Target® Maternity Bootcut Pants - Brown Pinstripe Liz Lange® for Target® Maternity Short-Sleeve V-Neck Basic Tee - Assorted Colors

Baby-related Purchases: My mom has purchased 3 cute little outfits for the little one but I have yet to purchase anything. I did however register at and on for the baby items that we need. Luckily I kept the co-sleeper, the baby swing and my boppy from my first pregnancy!

Gender: We found out on January 7th that it's a GIRL! My husband really wanted a boy and I could visually see the disappointment when we were told it was a girl. I know that as soon as he holds our little angel in his arms that he will fall completely in love with her. She will have him wrapped around her little finger!

Movement: At 18 weeks, I could feel movement. Only flutters. I knew this time what it would feel like. The doctor told me no, that I wouldn't feel anything until 20 or 21 weeks. Well, I think I know my body more than any doctor. At 21 weeks I could completely feel her rolling around and little kicks. At 23 weeks, she is in full high-kick mode. Usually very early in the morning, then around 11am and in the evening around 7pm.
Sleep: My best friends these days: Pillows! I am usually surrounded in a cocoon of pillows. I still have difficulty going to sleep and of course I have to tinkle once or twice a night. I have always had issues with I'm coping well.

What I Miss: Comfort. Whether I am sitting, laying down or standing...I am uncomfortable. I still feel like I can take a full breath of air so I can really can't complain too much...yet.

Cravings: Salad, fruit, ice, water, crackers (Cheese-its and graham crackers), milk with cookies.
  • Thirsty. All the time THIRSTY.
  • I have to sleep on my side which makes my hips hurt. I hobble to the bathroom in the mornings.
  • My hair is awful.
  • Tired but not sleepy.
  • Clumsy. Still getting used to the big o tummy.
  • Weepy. I cry quite a bit these days. Even the sight of a baby makes me teary-eyed. 
  • I get overwhelmed with messes.
Managing the Stress: I have been reading a lot lately. My goodreads account is all caught up!
Worries: I am mostly worried about my husband. I think he may feel overwhelmed with the baby, diapers, money, etc. I know my son will be fine and he will even become a wonderful little helper. Daddy may need a little extra TLC...
What I Look Forward To: Meeting my new baby! When I was pregnant with my son, I was so excited about just being pregnant and being a mom in general. This time, I cannot wait to meet my little girl! I am also excited to see our son with his new sister!

Names:  We decided that if the baby was a girl, I would get to choose the name :)

I love names that end in y and ie. They just seem cute. Nice, sweet people have names like Emily, Ellie, Charlie, Cody and Katie.

I don't want anything too odd, ie., names of objects (radio, cash, apple-unless it is a flower)- or colors (blue, hazel, gray-unless the name is specifically Hunter, Amber, Crystal, Jade, Kelly, Rose, Ruby, Scarlet, Sienna or Violet).

Places/locations are perfectly fine with me...unless you decide on Paris. Just don't do it...

While names like Aiden, Hayden, Cayden, Braden and Peyton are cute...we all know that they have been over used to the max!  No more...

Changing the spelling of your child's name is just going to make things complicated...for them. Think about it, they will have to spell their name out over and over and over...forever! Aayden, Khate and Rhyan. Really? Aiden, Kate and Ryan will do. It isn't changing the sound of the name so why spell it in a ridiculous way?

My little girl will have quite a bit of German in her blood, but names like Gretel, Claudia and Ursula are just not my cup of tea. :/
An acceptable Gretel:

I prefer simple, classic names like Kate, Marie, Grace and Elizabeth. But nothing too old fashioned like Mabel, Ida, Maude and Ethel. I'm having a baby, not an old lady.

Branching out of the classic names, I like Holly, Lily, Autumn and Cheyenne.

I tried with my son to pick a name before he was born. I had a few ideas but I simply couldn't decide! I knew immediately when I saw him that he was a "Charlie." No other name would have fit. Same goes for my little girl. When I see her, I will know her name.

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