Pregnancy Week 37

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

How Far Along: 37 weeks; 9 Months.
Size of Baby: Uncomfortably big...

Total Weight Gain/Loss: 20-25 lbs

Maternity Clothes: I am about to even my maternity clothes are getting tight!

Baby-related Purchases: Recent purchases include a changing pad, huge box of wipes, a summer outfit for baby and some comfy pajamas for me while I am in the hospital.
Gender: It's a GIRL!
Movement: She is an extremely active baby but has definately slowed down within the past week.

Sleep: Comical really...Sleep. Hmm, sounds familiar but I'm not quite sure what "sleep" is. If you mean sitting up against four pillows in bed with a another pillow on top for my head and dozing off...then yeah, I guess I get some sleep.
What I Miss: Having a glass of wine. Fitting into my clothes. Having a bra that fits. Not having heartburn.  Sleeping in a relatively normal position. A full breath of air. Falling asleep at a decent hour.

Cravings: Wint o' Green Mints-Life Saver Brand...and soap is sounding pretty tasty. ICE!
  • Still thirsty!
  • Feet are swollen and look like Marshmallows.
  • Whiney and weepy
  • Tired!
  • A little irritable.
  • My back hurts most of the time now.
Managing the Stress: Baths in the whirlpool tub.
Worries: That she will never come out! Bills....the usual.
What I Look Forward To: Meeting my new baby...and not being pregnant.
Names: I have two names in mind but we are not choosing the final name until she is born. Still debating on the middle name (Autumn, Grace, Rose and Catherine).
Story of the week: My feet and ankles have been really swollen the past couple of days. Cankles-seriously! Yesterday I came home from work and they were the worst yet. I loaded my son Charlie's old baby tub with warm water and epsom salt and put my feet in. Charlie was watching the whole time, a strange/concerned look on his face. He asked very sweetly if my feet felt any better. I answered honestly, "not yet." He grabbed my mint scented foot lotion that I set out for after my soak and he asked what it was. After I explained to him what it was for, he set the bottle down and ran off down the hall towards his room. He came back with a towel from his bathroom and handed it to me. The water was a little too warm and didn't seem to be helping so I thanked him for the towel and dried my feet off. He grabbed the bottle of lotion again and asked if he could help me by putting it on my feet.
My 6 year old son asked me if he could put lotion on my feet...
I could have cried! It was the sweetest thing EVER! I smiled really big and said "of course!" He smiled back and put the lotion on my feet with his cute little hands. With a happy look on his face he asked if my feet felt better. I gave him a huge hug and told him they didn't hurt anymore...and honestly, that was the truth!
I have the best son in the world! Such a sweetheart!