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July 31, 2015

{Around the World}
Block Party
October 2014


This year we decided to represent JAPAN!
More updates to follow!


Holly and Charlie

Holly Rose Fisher

{New Baby Fisher Due!}
Coming May 2013
Currently 25 weeks Preggo

{Harry Potter}
Movie Marathon

Friday Night
Begins at 7:00pm

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part I   7:00-9:30pm
Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part II  9:35-11:45pm
Dinner, snacks and drinks will be served
Dessert and Snacks

Pumpkin Dip

Whipped cream, vanilla pudding and pumpkin served
inside hollowed-out pumpkin          
Herbology Bites

Thinly sliced baguett topped with ranch
flavored cream cheese and a fresh piece of cucumber


{Around the World}
Block Party

College is done and over with, but having a TKE husband and living in a neighborhood with 3 fellow TKEs...we are determined to have an Around the World Party - In our neighborhood!

Rules and points to bring up:
1. Every couple attending may invite another couple to join the party.  
2. Everyone will choose a country then provide an appetizer, a beer, a drink and a shot from chosen country.
3. Keep with your theme. Dress attire, decor, food and drinks. If you are hosting Munich's Oktoberfest-don't bring out the tequila and chips and salsa, people. Men put on your suspenders and women braid those pigtails! Bring out some brats and some beer! Schnitzel would also be nice :)
4. Pace yourself. This is going to be a long...but incredibly FUN night. Don't pound shot after shot and pass out before you hit house number two.
5. Provide energy drinks, B-12 and water at every location. By the end of stop number 3...people are going to be retarded and some are going to get sleepy. Give them some water, maybe a piece of bread (chips or strudel) and let them get their $h!t together.
6. Make sure everyone has a place to stay for the evening. Invitee should have a bed, couch, etc. for their invited couple.

Update: Countries Chosen

Hayes' - Caribbean
Trinson's - Russia
Fisher's - Great Britain
Farmer's - 'merica

We have started purchasing our party supplies for ATW-Great Britain. It looks like a special item I ordered for the party is currently waiting for me on our doorstep!

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