My Son's Christmas List

Thursday, December 6, 2012

My son Charlie is right at the age where "Santa" is in "his" prime. When I asked Charlie what he wanted most for Christmas, he answered, "A bell from Santa's Sleigh!" Easy enough....
I searched for Polar Express bells on Amazon, Esty and Google. I found a great website with handmade bells placed inside a decorative box and enclosed with a scroll from Santa himself. But the price...eeek! I was looking at $50+ just for the bell!
We built a brand new house this year, my husband bought a new truck AND we have a baby on the I was trying my best to cut back this year. But this was Charlie's #1 item on his Christmas list. Santa just HAD to get it for him! After all, Ralphie got his BB gun!
I had searched through ebay with no luck...until last night. I was seriously watching the Polar Express movie and found the perfect bell!
The handmade bell is JUST LIKE the bell in the movie! It comes in a red velvet drawstring bag, then is placed inside a decorative box with a note from Santa. It even comes with a movie sized "BELIEVE" punched train ticket!
$30 with free shipping for everything!
It may seem steep for a bell, but this is the BIG present from Santa this year. All I need now is some green ribbon :)
Santa will also bring him a 3D movie, a Carrera Avengers race track, Spiderman slippers, Spiderman Comforter and everything in his stocking (socks, underwear, candy, body wash, shampoo, and Chocolate milk straws)!
Mommy and Daddy bought him a 3DS Nintendo, 4 3DS games, Spiderman sheets, A Lego builder Book, Winter hat and gloves, clothes, and a Ninja Turtles action figure!


  1. well, I don't know what I am doing but I think I have a blog now! i really don't have much content on there and i don't know about the colors and layouts, I'm just playing around right now. a lot of it has been modeled after yours, so please don't think I'm copy cat! I just wanted to get something there, now I can edit and make it awesome!! you'll have to let me know if the link works.

  2. Great find. So where did you get the bell?