Stocking Stuffers

Sunday, December 2, 2012

When I was a child, the first thing we would "open" Christmas morning was our stocking. The stockings would be jam packed with small gifts, candy, movies, etc. and we couldn't wait to see what Santa left in ours. Today, I am practicing the tradition with my own family and every year I look forward to seeing their surprised faces. Now that I am the one jamming all the goodies into the stockings, I try to switch it up with gifts that are different, creative and sometimes goofy.
I made up a list for anyone who is stumped on what to stuff into their loved one's stockings this year.
Gel pens, scented markers or Crayons
(My son loves the Crayola Twistables)
Coloring books, Crossword puzzles, Sudoku books
(Scratch and sniff are super fun!)
Enormous bouncy balls
(Kids love them!)
Fizzy bath tints
Mini Lego packs
Funny eye glasses and/or stick-on mustaches
Potato shooter or marshmallow gun
Character bandaids
Mittens, earmuffs, scarves and/or winter hats
Bath Markers
Matchbox cars
Lip Smackers flavored chapstick or lipgloss
Hair clips, bows, hair tie ball and/or headbands
Wallet and/or coin purse
Funky socks
Travel games
Silly Putty
Faux makeup
Fun shaped erasers
20 Questions handheld game
Crazy drinking straws
mp3 Player
BeanBoozled Jelly Beans
Mini Flashlights
Stamp set
Card games/Flash cards
Barbie clothes
Chocolate golden coins
Mini action figues
Solid perfume
Pretend shaving kit
Character shampoo or soap
Doll accessories
(Diapers, clothes, bottles, etc.)
Video games
Sea Monkeys
Slipper Socks
Shrinky Dinks
Flying monkeys
Sidewalk chalk
A bell from Santa's sleigh
(For the children who love The Polar Express!)
Underwear and/or socks
(This is an every year occurance/must have)
Chewing Gum
(large packs are available at Dollar Tree)
Fun Printed Kleenex packs
Gloves, winter hats, ear warmers
A toothbrush
Hand sanitizer
Blurays or DVDs
Gift cards
(Starbucks, movie theatre, iTunes, etc.)
Phone Cover
A piece of Fruit
Wrist watch
Hair gel/mousse
Money clip
Hot cocoa kit
Bubble bath
Kindle Fire
Tablet protector
Flavored dental floss
Nail and/or grooming kit
Body wash
Back Scratcher
Disposable hand warmers 
Golf balls
Month membership to Netflix
Handheld mirror
(Go crazy...I promise you will eventually use them all!)
Ice scraper
Mini bottles of liquor
Hot Sauce
Spiced nuts
Nail Polish
Engraved Flask
Gift cards
(Spa treatments, GNC, golf, etc.)
Bath oils, salts and scrubs
Gourmet chocolates
(Glacier Confection of Tulsa!)
Car air freshener
(They even have bacon scented fresheners on Amazon!)
Personalized coffee cup or travel mug
Address/date book
Razors and refills
Lint brush with refill
Bottle opener
Beef Jerky/Slim Jims
Fishing lures, line and hooks
Pocket knife
Essential oils for warmer
Bottle of seasoning
Travel size hand lotion
Neck tie
Lottery tickets
A big o' lump of coal

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