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Saturday, January 26, 2013

Pantene Pro-V Curl Defining Mousse (6.6oz)
 Aussie Sprunch Mousse plus Leave-in Conditioner (6.8oz)
I frequently switch between products when it comes to my hair. If I use a certain product too long, my hair ends up looking dull and flat. I use Pantene Pro-V when my hair is dry and frizzy. It calms my hair and makes it manageable. When my hair begins to lose volume, I switch to another product-usually Aussie. I love the smell of Aussie, it makes my hair soft and it's cheap!
I recently bought two different kinds of mousse for my hair (gel weighs my hair down and leaves the ends brittle). I couldn't decide between my trusty Pantene Pro-V and my favorite cheap hair line, Aussie.
I bought both. Here are the results:
Pantene Pro-V
The product smells like most Pantene products-pleasant. I used the curl drying attachment on my hairdryer for about 5 minutes after applying the product. I let the rest airdry. My shoulder length hair at the end of the day was flat on top and frizzy on the bottom. My hair felt hard and crunchy. The ends looked horrible! Despite the effort I made to make my hair a little softer-the product was WAY too strong of a hold. My hair looked awful and felt awful but the pleasant smell remained. If I wanted crispy hair-I would have used my husband's gel...This was an expensive DUD.
This product was a $1.00 cheaper than Pantene's and did exactly what I wanted it to do. I applied the product and dried my hair exactly the same. My hair had perfect curls that were soft and bouncy-the product didn't make my hair crispy at all. My hair had volume all around-all day long and the curls stayed just as curly as they were in the morning.  LOVE it!
Aussie is definately the winner!
The leave-in conditioner really made this product "out-shine" it's contender. Don't get me wrong, I still love the Pantene line but when it comes to mousse, I will be picking up Aussie from now on.

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