Weekend Plans

Friday, March 23, 2012

*We got an invite from the other "Bentley-Springs" residents for a weekend at the cabins but we turned down the offer. We are supposed to move into our new house by the end of this month so we are going to do some serious packing instead.

(The Bentley-Springs Housewives/Girlfriend: Britt, Trini, Me and lil miss Terrance)

*Although, we thought we had a birthday party tonight at Incredible Pizza but we got the dates mixed up (after already telling Charlie we were going ) so we are going to Chuck E. Cheese instead. Charlie is going to be so happy anyway! UPDATE: We went to Incredible Pizza anyway and had a blast!

*Tomorrow, my husband and I will start the packing process and then we will hang out-just the two of us. It's always fun with my Matt :)

*The Hunger Games came to theatres late last night and so-far, all is well. I enjoyed the book but I don't have the got-to-see-it-now fever like I did for Harry Potter...so I'm waiting until Sunday. UPDATE: As of 4/13/2012...I haven't seen it yet! UPDATE: As of 7/30/2012...I still have not seen the movie!!!!!

And that concludes my weekend fun-forecast. Happy weekend to all!

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