Sunday, March 18, 2012

I have been trying to get through the Felicity series for about 5 or so years now. When the show was actually airing, ratings dropped in season two (they moved the show to Sunday nights) and they blamed the drop because of the Felicity character's seriously chopped haircut.

Despite the wonderful cast and an awesome first season, I think the rating's are due to some of the annoying character's on the show (Julie in particular) as well as the overly used and whispered (?) "hey's" and "hi's." On the slightly-even more-annoying side, two questions are used in EVERY episode..."can I ask you something?" and "can I talk to you for a second?" The predictable characters (Sean is currently working on an invention, Meghan is casting a spell in her ugly black clothes, Elena is studying yet again, Julie is crying yet again) do nothing to help this show gain viewers.

But the true pitfall of the series is the despicable love triangle between Noel, Felicity and Ben (pictured above). Noel and Felicity are best friends, they have fun together, they "click" with each other and Noel spends most of the series pining for her. This causes Noel to look pathetic, like a sad little puppy following her around. Don't get me wrong, he has his "oh, I love Noel" moments but for the most part he is just annoying and in the way. Ben on the other hand is a little more independent...sometimes a little too much which always causes trouble between him and Felicity. Ben went through a period where he was without substance, a little too ho-hum and to be honest, flat out boring. It seemed the longer his hair got, the more lame he became. In the end, you just wanted her to pick a guy-which one? Who cares! Just choose one already!

The poor series held on for the length of four years but became a depressing mess in the last season. It has taken great dedication, and tolerance, to finish this series. I look forward to seeing these actors in more creative, less rediculous/predictable roles. C-


  1. I agree with a lot of what you're saying, but I do love that show...I own them all on dvd, and I've watched the whole series through twice already...it's crazy to think that this is from the mind of J.J. Abrams, because it's so different from his other shows (Alias, Lost, Fringe, etc.)

    1. It's so boring compared to his other shows! I loved the first season of Felicity but it was just so boring, I couldnt get through it! I love Scott Speedman though... :)