The Hunger Games

Sunday, March 11, 2012

I just recently had a birthday and as a gift from my sweet and lovable husband, I received The Hunger Games-3 book set. I was told-possibly years ago now-that I would love these books, given my enthusiastic love of Harry Potter. Well, I hadn't really given Hunger Games another thought-until I heard about the movie. maybe it is pretty good if they are making a movie about it. I quickly downloaded the pdf onto my iphone and tried to read the teeny tiny print...and my eyes really did try. I read 10 pages or so and paused for a few days to give the ole eyes some rest. After blowing the candles out on my cake on March 6th, I opened my gift from hubs and low and behold-he bought me Hunger Games and I didnt even have to ask for it-he knew! :) So today, March 12th (after being sick from Mar.7-10th) I am reading through page 80 and am truly enjoying the story so far. It's probably not the best idea to read the book before seeing the film...but I always break that rule. I will eventually, one day enjoy the movie on it's own. But today, I am reading what the author wanted me to envision with my own mind. Cinema can corrupt it later on this month...or more specifically...11 days.

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