Kindle Fire Review

Sunday, March 25, 2012

I received my {Kindle Fire} last week. My first impression....
*I love that I dont have to stuff a huge book in my purse-I can just carry this!
*The screen is pretty, colors are nice and it's easy to navigate
*Enough space to store my favorite books, songs and games
*I can read any book as long as it's in 2 particular formats-easy enough!
*More apps than I thought. 3rd party apps are that :)
*The outside of the Kindle is pretty durable. Including the screen!
*With certain apps-I can customize my a certain extent
*Kindle holders are expensive...unless you purchase on Ebay! I got my purple, leather holder for 7 dollars! And it stands the Kindle up for hands-free reading and watching!
*I can get the NOOK app on my Kindle Fire...haha! Awesome :)
*I purchased this as a refurb ($169). It came packaged like it was brand new, with NO cosmetic issues and all accessories included
*The speakers come and go. Sometimes I have sound, sometimes I don't. I don't know if this is because I purchases a refurb but I have read that this is an unresolved issue with the Fire. Headphones are a must...
*Glare, Glare, Glare! Back is too slippery. Fingerprints are also inevitable
*It's heavier than I thought it would be but I can manage
*I cannot customize my screen, unless I root it. Rediculous!
*If I root the Kindle, then no streaming video....
*Any files I put on it go straight to Documents. I CANNOT stand it! I want to be more organized!
*No-3G. I knew this before buying it, but really sucks not having it!
*Hulu and Netflix would be great-if the speakers were more consistant

 The Kindle Fire does exactly what I bought it for. It's easy to navigate, it's a beautiful design and I enjoy using it! BUT, I would suggest they give the users more options to customize, easier access to 3rd party Apps and a grip on the back of the device for better handling. Overall, I give this reader a B+

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