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Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Some of my posts from earlier this year featured pictures of our new home. Some were the building stage, then moving in...but I have not posted since. I went around the house taking pictures last night and while doing so, found some parts of my home a little bare. I went with the less is more concept...but I'm starting to think it's a little too bare. Help me out!
I would love suggestions!!!
(Sorry the pictures are a little dark, I took the pictures in the evening)

The front door with the wreath I made back in April. Click HERE for the tutorial.

The floor in our entry way. I LOVE the design!

The entry into the living room. Eventually the two windows on either side of the tv/fireplace will have window coverings with a little something above. Something like THIS .

I found this at Kirklands. I love that store!

On to the kitchen. My star chest <3

At our house warming party I made huge batches of the drinks listed. I printed out the list and put it in a frame. I liked it so much...I just left it on the countertop.

I wanted to have my utensils handy so I decided to use an industrial size measuring cup. Fits my most used utensils perfectly!

Since moving into our home, we have been saving all of our corks from the bottles of wine, champagne and beer. I plan on making something out of them...suggestions?


The finale: Our bedroom. On the wall is our engagement photo with our wedding invitation. The curtains are a silvery blue, the linens either white or burlap and the furniture a deep dark brown.

Our bed usually has a really pretty duvet cover...but it was being washed. I want to put something above the bed, inbetween the two windows. I was thinking framed pressed flowers. Suggestions??

Close up of our lamp.

Another angle.

Pillows. Kirklands and Ikea.

Our bathroom. Definately needs more...something. Maybe carry the framed pressed flowers into the bathroom and put them above the towel bars? Suggestions???

There you have it...a mini tour.
Let me know what you all think!

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