100 Things About Me

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

1. I love to sing
2. I am a terrible singer
3. I LOVE Chocolate
4. I don't care for ice cream
5. If I am having a hard time going to sleep, I have specific movies that I watch to help me fall asleep (Edward Scissorhands, Harry Potter & the Sorcerer's Stone or Chamber of Secrets, Practical Magic and Sense and Sensibility).
6. If I am ill, I watch The Secret Garden
7. I put on the waterworks EVERY time I watch Jerry Maguire, The Sixth Sense, A Walk to Remember, Forrest Gump and Ghost. Every stinkin' time!
8. I have an obsession with film/movies.
9. I have officially met two famous people. One Jackass and a Goonie. (Johnny Knoxville and Corey Feldman)
10. If I had to choose ONE famous person to meet...it would be Julie Andrews. She is practically perfect in every way.
11. I love James Cameron and his films!
12. Except Avatar. I don't understand the fascination. I just don't get it...
13. I was always laughing during reading hour when I was in school. One instance; a quiet room. Outside, the flag on the pole is making a racket and distracts me. A friend notices it as well. We both look at each other and giggle. The giggle turns into terribly confined laughter, which quickly becomes hysterical laughter...which usually turned into us sitting out in the hall. I don't know why...but that was me!
14. I really believe one of my legs is shorter than the other...
15. I have two personalities...my normal self and my work self.
16. I have worn both bright pink lipstick (2000) and black lipstick (1998)...and I thought I looked good :/
17. I have had blonde hair, red hair, purple hair, orange hair, brown hair and black hair. The orange was an accident.
18. My husband Matt and I went to our first High School formal together. We were 14 at the time.
19. I turned down 2 other guys-both sophomores, because I preferred to go with Matt.
20. I have had 4 serious boyfriends in my life.
21. I married my best friend instead.
22. I have tiny hands and big feet. Ring finger is size 4-5 and my feet are 81/2 to 9.
23. I seriously think I have one leg that is longer than the other.
24. I have terrible vision.
25. I despise my hair.
26. I have always had a clear face. I rarely ever have blemishes.
27. I have soft skin. I have been using lotion all over my body 2x a day since I was 12.
28. I love the fall season
29. I do NOT like summer
30. I am from Oklahoma and I have always lived in Oklahoma
31. But sometimes I sound like a northerner....?
32. Most beautiful place I have ever been...Hawaii.
33. The funnest place I have ever been...Disney World.
34. Worst vacation I have ever been on...Cancun.
35. Worst thing that has ever happened in my life...my brother's death.
36. Best thing that has ever happened in my life...my son being born.
37. I believe in God.
38. I believe that Jesus is the only way into Heaven.
39. I respect everyone's own personal beliefs. I will not force mine on you. You will not force yours on me. The End....same goes with politics.
40. I believe that God knows me better than I know myself.
41. My son has given me a new and enjoyable life.
42. My husband adds more love and understanding in my life.
43. My mom is the strongest person I know.
44. I think my dad is the greatest ol' man in the whole world :)
45. My favorite sport to watch is hockey. Baseball is a close second.
46. I still don't understand football terms.
47. My favorite football team is the Raiders.
48. Only because they have a tie to The Goonies...my favorite movie.
49. I believe in supernatural beings
50. I do not believe in aliens
51. One Tree Hill is one of the worst TV shows I have ever watched.
52. Friends is my all-time favorite TV show.
53. I do not like spicy food.
54. I LOVE rollercoasters.
55. But I also have a serious case of acrophobia
56. The only bug that truly freaks me out-the mosquito.
57. I am known for usually never answering my phone.
58. I secretly only carry my phone because it is my only portable source of internet.
59. I have never been arrested...nor have I ever received a ticket.
60. I drive over the speed limit, every time I drive :/
61. My favorite animal is a miniature Schnauzer
62. My favorite drink is soy milk with Chai
63. The most annoying thing in the world...when someone puts an X in the word eSpresso.
64. Most embarrassing moment in my life...when I told Corey Feldman that I was his "biggest fan."
65. Tequila used to be my favorite liquor.
66. Until Memorial Day weekend 2010.
67. I own a Kindle Fire..and I love it.
68. I have never had any type of surgery.
69. I dislocated my kneecap when I was a kid.
70. I am currently reading Jurassic Park for the first time.
71. I was very outgoing as a child. I loved being on stage and in front of a crowd.
72. I am now absolutely terrified of public speaking. I never finished college because of this one stupid reason...sorry mom.
73. I would rather skydive than speak in front of people....that's how bad it is.
74. I love seafood but I don't care for fish.
75. When I see an ambulance, I always pray for the person they are going to help. Weird, I know.
76. My favorite childhood memories are Christmas tree decorating and Christmas morning.
77. I cannot play a single instrument.
78. Some of my favorite youtube searches are "celebrity falls" and "newsanchor laughs." Hilarious!
79. Baseball is the only pro-sport I completely understand...rules included.
80. I like the Texas Rangers....and the Yankees.
81. I LOVE Framboise
82. I love being creative
83. I have the tendency to not finish things :/
84. I am pretty good at putting things together
85. The relative I was closest to was my Grandma
86. I'm not particularly great at cooking. Maybe that's why I don't really like to cook.
87. I dated a guy that was a chef.
88. I thought my cooking was better than his...
89. I do not have a tattoo, nor do I think I will ever have one.
90. I love to laugh
91. I am Native American, a bit German and a touch of Mutt
92. Lilies, roses and tulips are my favorite flowers
93. I am a little league baseball team mom
94. I love horror movies...and when I say horror I mean anything that doesn't involve torture.
95. I secretly LOVE the songs "Single Ladies," "How do you talk to an angel," and "Paparazzi."
96. I check on my son every night before I go to bed. I kiss him on the cheek and I say a prayer for him.
97. Purple and green are my favorite colors.
98. I love Harry Potter. Some people might think it's an obession. Maybe it is..
99. I have had quite a few "life changing" events for someone my age.
100. My favorites are my husband and my son :)

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