ATW 2013

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

{Around the World}

 Years ago the TKE fraternity set in motion an awesome multi-party night called Around the World. Each frat house would first select a country (America being the last house). They would wear costumes, decorate their house fittingly and serve drinks from their chosen country.
Now that the boys are out of college, married and four of them are living in the same neighborhood, we couples celebrate the ATW party-neighborhood style. The TKE boys and their *fabulous* wives now serve food and beverage from their chosen countries, wear elaborate costumes and decorate their homes with intricate details.

This year we started of in the delightful country of Mexico. A sign on the door (written in Spanish-naturally) asked the guests to go around the house to the backyard. A blow-up palm tree on the porch housed an array of ice-cold Mexican beer, complete with bottle opener. They had margaritas, stick-on mustaches, tequila shots, a colorful display of Mexican food and a pinata filled with mini liquor bottles. The main attractions were the Donkey Show, complete with a blow up doll and donkey and the Mexican dancers cutout that made for some pretty funny pictures.


The ladies of Brazil guided us to the backyard where a soccer field was set up and the guys were dressed as soccer players. The fence was covered in a soccer stadium scene setter and a concession stand housed cups of beer, shots, mini Brazilian flags and colorful vuvuzelas. The food table was designed like a Brazilian steakhouse, with various meats on swords. Brazilian cocktails were served in the kitchen before we entered the carnival styled living room. The girls were dressed in elaborate carnival costumes and tables for each rival country were adorned with a hilarious display of pictures and "trinkets." We left through a dark hallway where we were forced to drink dirty water (some other sort of dark colored cocktail) before contributing our used cups to the floors of the Brazilian slums .

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