Around the World

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

The Around the World party was a success....not so much for Great Britain unfortunately. We could have put more thought and effort into it...but Matt was still anticipating "college" like decorations and me, well, the morning sickness had taken over my life. And considering that ATW is a drinking party...well, my "drink" options were no more than water, sparkling cider and lemonade
(thank you Terri!).
The Night's Events:
The Caribbean Islands
Here is Sean (representing 'Merica) relaxing in the Caribbean.
The Caribbean decorations were awesome! I knew Mrs. Terri was going to get all creative and create a masterpiece...and she delivered! (I will post more pictures as they appear on FB)
When we walked into the Russia themed house we were greeted by a Vladimir Putin standee and a ton of pictures...with all of our faces cropped into them! They were hilarious!
We were told that a women by the name of "Nastya" would be the entertainment for the evening. Well, it was entertaining for sure. Here is Mrs. Trini (representing Russia) and her guest for the evening. Oh, and Nastya in the back.
Josh was our Russian bartender. They made a shot with the colors of the russian flag and of course...White Russians.
Party goers enjoying Club Russia. I think Kathi really enjoyed the White Russians ;)
And Sean really enjoyed Nastya.
Well, all the guys enjoyed Nastya...
More party goers!
Great Britain
We painted our door to look like the GB flag.
Inside we had British invasion and Irish folk music, Tom Collins drinks and Irish Car Bombs. My son, husband and mother-in-law did all the decorations and they turned out great! :)
Adele made a guest appearance. I think Andy (right) was more excited about the food.
We made our way over the house representing 'Merica and found ourselves at the Farmer County Fair. They had fried corn dogs, fried hot links, huge smoked turkey legs and almost had fried cheese on a stick. They had several dipping sauces as well!
They served apple pie shots, hard lemonade and a spiked peach tea. Don't forget the sliced apples in the middle!

At the end of the evening everyone got the chance to vote for their favorites
(Food, Drinks, Costumes, Decorations and All Around "feel").

The Winner: Russia knocked everyone's socks off! The other houses turned out great but Russia was so amazing, no one else stood a chance.
Russia came out on top in all categories! A well deserved win :)


  1. That looks like so much fun and the food looks delicious !!!
    Have a great day.